Friday, August 27, 2010

The Truth About Earth Class Mail's Pricing

On August 24, 2010, Sarah G. Carr posted a blog entry on Earth Class Mail's site filled with half truths, deceit, and downright lies.

That blog entry can be read here.

The majority of the lies appear in the chart that Carr displays stating Earth Class Mail's competitors information and prices. Carr displays the chart with this caveat:

The chart below shows the entry-level plans of some of our competitors – please check their sites directly for the most recent information and other plans they may offer.

This is ironic because clearly Carr and her staff didn't even bother to go to the competitors sites themselves to check the most recent information! Either that, or the lies in the chart are particularly bold and brazen. This blog posting that you're reading is being done a mere three days after Carr's blog posting. Could it really be that riddled with "mistakes" that quickly? Doubtful. More likely, Carr and Earth Class Mail are deliberately trying to mislead and deceive potential customers.

In the past, we've seen how Earth Class Mail cowardly "revised" (ie: deleted) Wikipedia's chart that displayed their competitors information. Just so the same thing doesn't happen with their own blog posting, here is a full copy of their chart exactly as Sarah Carr posted it on August 24, 2010 (click on it for a full view):

Let's start with Earth Class Mail's own pricing. Carr claims it's "The Truth" in the title of her posting. Yet, on the chart, it's $19.99, when in reality on the site if you sign up, it's $19.95. Initial commitment shows $44.95. It doesn't even match. Wrong pricing and calculation. The CEO can't even do the math properly! Given that, how can Sarah Carr even run a business well? Lehigh should be ashamed of her.

Also, if you really do take the time to check the other services prices, you'll see that the commitment is wrong on many of them. As one example, Virtual Postal Mail doesn't have a $29.97 commitment....but Sarah Carr's chart says that they do! Initial commitment would only be $5 for the first month. I wonder how the people at Virtual Postal Mail feel about being misrepresented by Sarah Carr and Earth Class Mail? Sarah Carr is wrongfully representing other services information to make Earth Class Mail's prices look good! Despicable.

As for Bongo, it's $45 (3 months x $15), not $50. Again, completely inaccurate and totally misleading on the part of Sarah G. Carr.

My US Postbox has an 800 live toll free support, which Carr failed to mention.

USA2Me has a local will-call service which Carr conveniently chose not to mention in the comparison.

Carr touts "live toll free support," for Earth Class Mail. Most (though not all)of the other companies listed do offer live phone support, just not with a toll free number. The way Carr presents it, she makes it sound like the other companies don't offer any live support at all. It's extremely misleading and shady. The entire chart is inaccurate and misleading. It's basically false advertising.

The bottom line? Earth Class Mail STILL cannot be trusted, STILL have betrayed loyal customers, and STILL are a company to stay away from. This false advertising at the expense of their competitors is shameful.

People seeking a service, should still run to any of the Earth Class Mail alternatives, and research them individually, rather than relying on Earth Class Mail, Sarah Carr, and her deceitful chart.

A list of Earth Class Mail alternatives can be found here.


  1. I totally agree. They are gouging their customers. I will leave when I find an alternative and I applaud you for exposing their deceit and greed. Keep up the good work!

  2. ECM has, with its exorbitant price increase, non-grandfathering and unilateral revenue-generating "services menu", hopefully ensured its own demise. They are no longer competitive. I will cease being a customer of theirs.

  3. Agree, agree, agree.

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