Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Laughable Quote from the Heinous Sarah Carr

"When I am figuring out how to make a business successful, I start with the customers that are most loyal to us." - Sarah G. Carr

Carr is either a liar, a bad business woman, or both! The above, laughable quotation is taken from an article in Xconomy Seattle published this week. Carr's despicable treatment of loyal customers of Earth Class Mail shows that she is either baldy delusional given the above quote, or she's an outright liar, but most likely a combination of the two.

Sarah, if you'd like a hint about how to make your business successful, here's a little advice: don't blindside your loyal customers with a massive price hike of over 100%. Your actions, and your delusional interview, remain reprehensible. Lehigh should be ashamed.

Another question: how did such a quote get by Jen Gehrt, the PR Queen who concocts the Earth Class Mail Kool Aid?

Also Sarah has gone and bleached her hair! At least she's no longer smiling.

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