Thursday, August 20, 2020

A Beginning

For a long time I have been a fan of Earth Class Mail and their excellent service. However, I was shocked last month to learn of their massive and outrageous price hike which they are forcing on not only new customers, but the loyal customers who helped establish the company in the beginning.

Earth Class Mail = No Class Mail for their despicable treatment of loyal customers in such an outrageous manner. Founder, Ron Wiener throws his loyal customers to the wolves, perhaps in order to finance his Bonanza B36TC?

Raise prices fine, but at least grandfather in those of us who helped you get established at a reasonable rate!

Are there other disillusioned Earth Class Mail customers out there?

UPDATE 8/24/2009: I've heard from Earth Class Mail former CEO Ron Wiener who seems to be the same decent person that we all saw in the "StartUp Junkies" show. The price increase was not his fault, nor did he have any input. Re: the price hike, he has tweeted to me:
Let's just say that it is not consistent with my own business philosophy, so it is shameful to see my personal rep sullied by it.
That's reasonable, right? See below for another posting dedicated to Ron. And since he is not to blame, who is? The VCs and Earth Class Mail COO, Sarah Carr:

Sarah Carr