Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Earth Class Mail Alternatives - Part 2

Sadly, the Wikipedia entry that I linked to in my previous posting was heavily edited within mere hours of my linking to it so as not to show comparisons of Online Postal Services anymore. [Update: the comparison chart has now been restored, but with the names and links of companies surpressed.] Were Sarah Carr and Earth Class Mail behind this? Probably, though I can't prove it. They so can't resist undermining loyal customers that it seems like their M.O.

Anyway, fortunately it's no real problem as I have the handy chart comparing all the services, complete with the names of the companies, that was deleted from the Wikipedia entry. Click here to view it in full:
And since the links to the services in the chart don't work in an image, I'm happy to provide them all here, plus some additional services not featured on the chart:
Those are plenty of healthy alternatives to Earth Class Mail. Again, switching to a new service would not be necessary if Earth Class Mail hadn't treated their loyal customers with such disregard by highjacking prices.

Also, notice how Earth Class Mail's prices on the chart are still old and reasonable and do not reflect the new grossly inflated prices initiated by Sarah Carr. Some poor uninformed soul will be in for a rude and expensive surprise when they sign up.

My advice when seeking and signing up for a new, more reasonably priced alternative to Earth Class Mail is to find a service which openly agrees to:

Grandfather loyal, established customers at a reasonable price.

and /or

Not raise their prices faster than the U.S. Consumer Price Index.

Earth Class Mail has done neither and this is where loyal users have really been hurt and betrayed by Sarah Carr et al. The U.S. Consumer Price Index has plummeted in the last 12 months, yet Earth Class Mail raised their prices on estlablished and loyal customers over a 100% - more than double! Truly despicable actions on the part of Earth Class Mail.