Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mike Simmons’s Posterous - Earthclass mail's epic fail. Please stop the madness!

A big salute to a fellow unhappy Earth Class Mail Customer who was betrayed by the company!

Mike Simmons has written an open letter to Earth Class Mail CEO Sarah Carr, and it can be seen on his site by clicking here.

Thank you Mike! Also, based on Mike's twitter feed, it seems that he was treated with indifference by Earth Class Mail customer support. Earth Class Mail's vile mistreatment of customers continues.

Thanks for keeping us posted Mike!


  1. OFACCIO i didn't say i was treated particularly bad. just some indifference at the front line customer service support. let's keep this positive if we want a solution to come from our consumer activism.

    I also spoke to Josh who runs the twitter account and he was appreciative of the feedback and told me that Sarah Carr had received my email and was concerned. I am hopeful we'll have a resolution to this issue.

    My point is this: EarthClassMail is a smart bunch of people. They have built a great solution to a difficult problem. However they have gotten lazy on the pricing and didn't consider the individual consumers in the pricing mods.

    I don't want to move solutions, I think ECM is best in the business and it's expensive aspect of my life to modify every couple of years. I want them to fix the pricing so as not to price out the individual consumers from the market.

  2. Thanks Mike. I've updated the entry to more reflect your customer support experience.

    I would very much like to keep things positive, but while others have written to Carr and even received responses directly from her, her attitude seems to be the same indifference you've encountered at customer service. She and ECM seem truly not to care one iota about the early adopters they've left in the lurch. The price has increased over 100% -- "oh well, tough. Deal with it." seems ECM's attitude.

    And yes, no arguments: ECM is the best in the business, but they've priced themselves far beyond reason and managed to alienate a lot of their customers in the process.

    There is nothing I would like more than to have a happy ending to this whole story and take this blog down for lack of need, but Earth Class Mail has shown nothing but total disregard for their most loyal, early customers. I would love to be wrong about that, and I'm glad that you had a nice conversation with Josh, but I just don't see it happening. If you've got any constructive ideas to help bring that about, I'm more than ready to hear them, but Earth Class Mail just doesn't seem to care at all about the customers they've betrayed.

  3. Agreed. We have to keep pressure on them, but in a way that they understand we love the service and want it to be affordable.
    I mean these guys are lucky as hell, they have customers that love their service so much we're fighting with them to keep us as customers. Every startup in the world wants customers like us. Why screw us over?

  4. We seem to agree all the way around. And yes, for a company that was so well thought out, screwing us over -- the most loyal, early customers -- has always seemed like a gross misstep on their part.

    Anyway, like you, I'd love to see a positive outcome to all of this, but I'm perhaps a little less optimistic, having been frustrated by this mess since last August. But again, I'm all for keeping things positive if possible, and I'll certainly always be open to hearing your ideas.

    Stay in touch!

  5. I have been a Earth Class Mail customer since the beginning, and I understand your frustration with the price hike, I honestly do, as I was affected very much so by it. I felt pissed upset used, but at the end of the day what can you do? I must say since they have lost a lot of customers some of the changes have been for the good, I now get same day scans! Never got those before! I am still a customer and will remain a customer even if the prices go up again. Earth Class Mail is not for everyone, if you can't afford the service you have no business even having an account.

  6. I find the comment "if you can't afford the service you have no business having an account" totally off the mark and really arrogant. First of all.. the entire point of this stream is to address the fact the price has more than doubled. When I first signed up AND went to all the trouble to change all my mail (4 accounts) to a new address I absolutely COULD afford the service. The fact that they raised the prices outrageously AFTER I had become a customer ( and was out of the country for a remaining 6 months) left me with no choice but to either remain or quit.Comments like the one above are neither constructive or on point. Nancy F.

  7. I am an ECM customer. I am an individual who lives overseas and gets very little mail but I do need a physical mailing address. Most banks and credit card companies will close your accounts if you don't have one. So I get very little mail but I need an affordable service that corresponds to my minimal usage. At first $9.95/mos plus 100 scans was good. Now it is $19.95 plus $1.50/scan plus storage fees. And heaven help you and your pocketbook if you need any of their other exorbitant services. I've lost all respect I had for them and am actively seeking a replacement.