Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Check Deposit Warning

Peeps, just a quick word of warning. As many of you know by know, Earth Class Mail betrayed their loyal customers with a massive price -- in many cases, a hike of over 100% of what their loyal customers were paying when they signed up for the service.

These days, Earth Class Mail is trying to pimp a check depositing service, for which surrendering your bank account information will be necessary.

Needless to say, if Earth Class Mail could not be trusted to fairly treat their loyal customers -- who helped the company get started -- then they certainly should not be trusted with any matters of money, banks, or checks.

Property owners in particular, should beware of this new scam on the part of Earth Class Mail.


  1. Thanks for the warning Ofaccio. But with the prices they charge, it's an unaffordable service that many will forego.

  2. just to add to this fire, if you use check despot, and don't use their (only one) bank, your check is MAIL FORWARDED to your bank. Why not just mail forward it yourself for 1/2 a dollar and save yourself $20+ each month.

  3. Yeah, EarthClassMail sucks with their new fees. Gave up after 6 years.