Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chris Anderson's "Free" - A Solution for Earth Class Mail?

Earth Class Mail have betrayed their loyal customers with a massive price hike of over 100%. This is obvious and has been well established.

Chris Anderson, the editor of the exceptional publication, "Wired" has written a New York Times best seller called, "Free: The Future of a Radical Price" - addressing the Freemium economics that technology has helped accelerate (and which clearly no one at Earth Class Mail has paid any attention to). One of the Freemium Economics models could perhaps rescue Earth Class Mail from their price hike scandal.

So, Sarah Carr et al, how about it? Give us loyal individual customers a break, and charge the companies and businesses that want to use your service and need all of the extra features? We've all lost a tremendous amount of faith in you, but here is a chance to make this right.

Sarah Carr and Earth Class Mail VCs, I challenge you. You can of course buy a copy of "Free" and read it that way, or you can preview it below. Also, the audio book is available complete and unabridged entirely for free, here at iTunes - put that in your iPod Sarah Carr!

It's a bit of a lost cause on my part, I know... but I just wish Sarah Carr would get with the times and learn how to treat customers properly. Instead of moving Earth Class Mail backwards, move it forwards into the future....and treat your loyal customers with the respect they deserve:


  1. Earth Class Mail told us to complete the Form 1583 and send in 2 forms of photo ID. 2 months after with $203.95 credit to the account, they are telling my employees that they have to do a research into the account because it is fraudulent. i fired my employee who signed up the account, only to find out that her ID was NOT fraudulent as Earth Class Mail stated. Now they won't refund me my money or give me my mail. They have my important business documents, as we used them to receive mail for the business. Earth Class Mail is a COMPLETE RIPOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did some research into the company and found out that they have been having financial issues as their service idea is good but the way they conduct business is horrible. their ceo sarah boden is a COMPLETE fake. she was given the company (earth class mail) by a friend to run it who had given up the company because of how it was going down the drain. sarah cut more than half of the workers' jobs and hiked the service charges by 50%. now they are finding ways to rip off their customers one by one.

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